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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

There's no better way to boost your website traffic in the short term than Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Our team at A&W Digital offers you a flexible and comprehensive SEM service that suggests the most appropriate approach, depending on your budget and goal. People may say digital marketing is a numbers game, but we do not chase the stat; your success is all we want.

What is SEM?

Some people call it Paid Search or PPC (Pay-per-Click), they are more or less referring to the same thing but let's just call it SEM in A&W Digital.

SEM always seems to be more comprehensible and straightforward compared to SEO. SEM and SEO are both about getting clicks and conversion via the search engine, but unlike SEO, SEM is the approach that uses paid advertisements that put your ads at the top of SERP when potential customers search for certain products, services, or even industries. 

Keyword Research

We have several tools to identify the keywords with the highest potential!

Competitors Research

Every industry is a different battleground. To win the war, we will first do the competitors' analysis to optimize the result.


We are generous and willing to share our knowledge with you, if you do want to listen. As we always emphasize, communication is the key.

Search Advertising

Enough planning, and let's get started. We will decide your bidding strategy, keywords and target based on our research.

Customer List

Digital marketing does not have to be fully randomized. We can help you to target specific potential customers and get your ads delivered. 


Don't worry about missing your customers on the first attempt, it is quite a common thing. We can get them back by the remarketing strategy.

SEM Services We Provide

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